What Are Some Of The Health Benefits?

Health Benefits Include: 

  • PanaSeeda soothes inflammation throughout your entire body and empowers every cell to glow with genuine health.

  • Panaseeda supplies the fatty acids needed by the body to make prostaglandin hormones (increases sexual desire in both men and women!)

  • The Panaseeda oils help support red blood cell health, unblocks arteries, and decrease the incidence of blood clots!

  • Panaseeda helps strengthen muscle and skeletal development, remineralize your cells, and supplies a powerful source of natural antioxidants & essential amino acids!

  • Panaseeda helps keep your skin clearer than ever, and helps your body retain moisture (no more chapped lips, irritated skin, or dried out hair!)

  • The Panaseeda blend helps build & support a strong immune system, and helps protect your body from heart disease and cancer!

  • Plus, you can enjoy rapid weight loss using PanaSeeda as a complete meal replacement. Every time you are hungry - take a teaspoon of the oil in a glass of water!


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