Why Won't This Oil Go Rancid?


Our oils are never rancid because they are pressed instantly out of the seed. With this technique we don't have any oxidation in the oil at all. That’s why we don't have to refrigerate the oils.

They can not go rancid.

We don't destroy the molecular structure of the oils.We have worked with engineers to create a specific patented design. If you don't have the same technique as we have you will not be able to press the same oil. Being ‘cold-pressed’ is not the same. Sorry about this.
Second: We are still in the beginning of our production. But if an athlete will use this oils he will definitely have more energy available.
We are the only one who press the Black Cumin oil in a way where you CAN NOT overdose because we don't release the essential oils.  Please be careful you do not overdose on other sources of Black Cumin.  If it is pressed in any other machine, it is magic in small amounts, but toxic in large.  Our Black Cumin is never toxic enlarge doses.


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