Are There Vegetarian Recipes That Include This Seed Oil?

We don’t currently provide recipes for our oils, as they are “add to everything" kind of oils. The more things you can pour them on, the more ways you can find to consume them, the more benefit you will be getting.
They are so versatile and nutritious, AND delicious that they can be used alone, or used as an additional seasoning to you food.
Find any salad recipe, make the salad, and pour oil on top. Oils I personally like for this are the 5 Seed Oil Blend, Flax, and White Sesame. Add 2-3 tablespoons according to taste.
Find any smoothie recipe online or in books, make it, and add oil at the end. My favourite to add is the 5 Seed Blend- add 2-3 teaspoons per person according to taste.  Or Flax- add 1-2 tablespoons per person.
Steam your vegetables, lightly salt and pour the oil on top. Sesame is nice for this, also 5 Seed Blend.
Also great on rice dishes, in hummus or other dips,  and poured on top of soups!  Dip fresh bread in a bowl of any of the oils with a sprinkle of salt.
PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT COOK PANASEEDA OILS. You will not be harmed by this, but you will destroy the nutritional benefits.


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