How much of the oil are you supposed to take per day when doing the 'cleanse'?

The cleanse that was referred to is something that you can decide on personally. The oil can be taken in water as a meal replacement if you choose (1 tsp at a time) which would mean that one bottle would not last as a one month supply which it usually does if taken at the 1tsp a day maintenance dosage, this is one reason for the multiple bottle offer. Additionally, taking larger amounts of the oil for the first couple months can help your body to detox - ridding it of the toxins that build up in the body. In this case customers are encouraged to take 3 tsp of the oil a day - you can do that all at once or you can spread it out through the day. This is not a product that you can overdose on so you are welcome to take as much of it as makes you feel better. 



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