Testimonial Helga R.

 I had a serious breathing problem for about 6 month or longer and I was wheezing like I had asthma, I had to cough all the time but could not get any mucus out. If I was walking I hardly could get air.   Even doing housework was hard. I do not know what it was, but I was afraid maybe a hart problem. Lots of sleepless nights. I started taking your Amaranth Oil and Black Cumin Oil, Amaranth in the morning and Cumin at night. In two days I was feeling better and after about one week everything was back to normal. I waited about three weeks to be sure, but I am still OK, even started running a bit today, it is just to hot for more. It is just amazing, I did not do anything different except start taking the Oil. I wish I knew which Oil is helping, or maybe the combination of the two. I am so 
thankful and happy and just wanted to let you know. 
Helga R

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