Testimonial from Charlotte B.

This oil is everything it was said to be. It was recommended by two holistic practitioners who had spoke in my class. I researched it further and have been taking it now for about 2 months. My cholesterol dropped from 246 to 222 the first month and a half. I'm due to get it checked again and can't wait to see my new numbers. I haven't had a menstrual cramp since I started taking this oil. Took it on a cruise just in case someone got sick and low and behold three of us started getting queezy so I went to the cabin and took the oil and not ten minutes later I was fine. Same happened for my family. I bruise very easily and when I do get one now it only last for three or four days instead of a couple of weeks. Took care of my husband's lactose intolerance stomach in minutes, he was amazed and sold on it and started ordering his own bottles... It has also brought about balance to my out of whack hormone problems seeing that I'm in pre-menopause. No more night sweats and I'm back to being able to sleep at night again..And it also keeps me regular..ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS OIL!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST HAVE


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