Testimonial from: Questa Li

I recently discovered that I have a chronic skin condition called Dermatitis Herpetiformis, which is an autoimmune disorder triggered by gluten. I normally eat a very healthy diet (lots of raw fruit & veggies, juices & smoothies, wild caught salmon, organic gluten free grains & beans, etc...), but over the Thanksgiving holiday in late November I ate some foods containing gluten, and shortly after I developed a skin rash in the delicate (and usually flawless) skin around my left eye.

In the past several years I've experienced a similar rash several times after eating foods containing gluten, which is what finally led to the discovery of the Dermatitis Herpetiformis.

In the past several weeks since removing all traces of gluten from my diet, the rash has still lingered (it can take weeks or months to heal according to western medicine). I've done many things holistically as well including a raw/organic juice cleanse, upping my dose of vitamins/minerals & raw foods to boost my immune system, and treating the rash topically with the finest organic seed to serum natural beauty products.

But all of this seemed to do very little to actually heal the rash, and last weekend it was worse than ever! I am passionate about health & wellness and natural beauty, so I turned to some of my favorite wellness and green beauty resources for help. I spent hours combing through many articles relating to skin conditions, and one thing that I came across several times was the mention of Black Cumin Seed Oil in treating skin conditions AND autoimmune disorders. This especially caught my eye, because over the holidays my partner and I were gifted with a set of Panaseeda Oils from Activation Products, which included a bottle of Black Cumin Seed Oil and The 5 Seed Oil Blend (which also includes Black Cumin Seed Oil). So the next morning I put a spoon of each in my morning smoothie...

After only 3 days of use I have noticed a HUGE difference! My skin rash has significantly improved (after weeks of no improvement at all)! I am so excited and grateful, and look forward to continuing heal through the use of these fabulous oil blends. Thank YOU Activation Products. Your products are truly AMAZING!

 Questa Li
December, 2015


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