How Long and How Often Can I Take Oceans Alive?

How long should I take Oceans Alive and can I take too much at once?

I have chosen to take Oceans Alive every day for the rest of my life because it is a food, a superfood. It is depositing energy in your bank account on a daily basis. The the more you take it the more your body knows to use it. And your body reserves the energy because the healthier you become the more active you can become.

Can you take too much? Yes. You cannot overdose on Oceans Alive. But there is a lot of magnesium in Oceans Alive, so if you take too much you can expect to have very loose bowels the next day.

It is so concentrated you do not need to take too much. One dropper full is all you need in a day, however if you are going to have a highly active day you may want more. 


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