What color should the Oceans Alive be?

Oceans Alive is a very advanced heirloom strain of Marine Phytoplankton produced in a hi-tech modern sealed photo-bioreactor facility, protected from all environmental contaminants and grown using natural sunlight, Oceans Alive has a high amount of the pigment chlorophyl that gives it the green colour. Additional to the chlorophyl, there are also carotenoid pigments that when joined with the chlorophyl  gives the product a gold/green colour. 
The gold/green colour is the natural pigmentation that shows up within 60 days following harvesting and natural stabilization of the fresh marine phytoplankton as the two pigments of bright green and bright orange become as one joined pigment in the product. The gold/green colour does not change after the first 60 days and Oceans Alive cannot go rancid because of the concentrated minerals it is blended with. Oceans Alive is extensively tested with zero rancidity and zero breakdown of the nutritional components.
Essential Fatty Acids like EPA are also naturally stabilized in Oceans Alive where nothing can change over extended periods of time, even up to 10 years, in relation to the nutritional benefits of consuming the product. The EPA found in Oceans Alive far exceeds the benefits of any other type of EPA found in the nutritional marketplace because it is the foundation of all Omega’s found in other ocean products like fish oil. The beautiful thing about the Oceans Alive EPA is that it is thousands of times more effective because it has never been consumed by any other life form and it is in it perfect natural state inside the cell with the amino acids, plant minerals, pigments, enzymes and polysaccharides. 
Oceans Alive is the most concentrated Nano-nutritional product on the market with all of the key foundational nutrients required for optimal health and wellbeing.


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