What makes Oceans Alive so unique?

The Marine Phytoplankton contained in Oceans Alive is a single strain, selected for it's nutritional profile that is the perfect match for human consumption.
The life energy and nutrients are in suspension, kept perfectly in their original form and fully released the moment it is consumed. This means that you receive the maximum benefit nutritionally from the worlds most important food as if you were consuming it live. The size of each marine phytoplankton cell in Oceans Alive is only 1 micron. That is 9 times smaller than a red blood cell. There are 10 trillion cells in every bottle of Oceans Alive. What this means is that each marine phytoplankton cell is able to be directly digested by the human cell and instantly feeds the mitochondria that produces ATP. ATP is the energy that powers your body to function properly. The cell being 9 times smaller than a red bloods cell allows this to go through the blood brain barrier. This means that your brain is fully nourished with the crucial nutrients to work optimally.


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